The tiny foal was left by his mother, but the dog will not leave him alone

A compassionate dog provides comfort to a foal. His mother passed only a few days after he was born.

This incredible attachment between dog and foal astounded everyone on the farm, as a dog had never exhibited such concern for another animal before.

Zipper was rescued as a puppy and has lived on the family farm his entire life. Zipper has never been the friendliest dog when it comes to caring for animals.

But, as it turns out, Zipper astonished everyone a few months ago by revealing that he truly is the kindest doggy you’ll ever meet.

Zipper’s owner explained, ‘Consistently we raise foals and he would peek out the door and simply stare at them.’

‘However, that evening he remained with me in the barn throughout the evening: the foal laid in the lane and next to the foal.’

You could tell that Zipper knew something was amiss that night. They couldn’t believe their eyes when they spotted Zipper sleeping with his companion every night.

The animals began to communicate less frequently as the foal grew older and became an adult horse, but it was the dog who helped her go on.

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