The three cats were in the streets until this angel of a woman intervened

One day, a woman observed a dog in need of assistance. However, while she was assisting the puppy, a cat approached her and asked for food.

Another cat joined them…and then another when she went to buy some cat food, which she usually has on hand.

‘I began chatting to neighbors and discovered that these animals had been put here five months ago,’ the woman explained.

The woman had intended to have the cats treated and checked before releasing them but the more she looked at them, the more she felt they didn’t belong in the open air.

Instead, she called her husband to inform him that they were going to be fostering three kittens that evening!

She only had one cat carrier to put them in, but with some assistance, the three of them were happy to cuddle up together on the way to the woman’s house.

‘After handling them, I was 100 percent confident that these were indoor cats who had been sent outside,’ she said. ‘After realizing this, I felt it was unjust to leave these lovely kitties on the streets.’

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