The stray doggy can’t stop smiling after being rescued from the road by a kind individual

While dogs are perhaps the most adored animals, some breeds do not have the best reputation. Pit bulls are unquestionably at the top of this list.

This doggy was 11 months old when he wandered the streets of Brooklyn.

However, his life was forever altered on one occasion. Danny, his future rescuer, was introduced to him.

He was walking his dog Demo around the neighborhood when he noticed a stray pit bull.

Danny decided to bring him to his house. He didn’t know if the dog had an owner or not. For about a month, he made a concerted effort to locate the dog’s owners.

He inquired about the area and, surprisingly, posted flyers, but to no apparent effect.

Danny then concluded that Blinks would remain with him… Forever.

After 12 years, Blinks is still by the side of the kind and caring man that saved him, and he continues to smile regardless of what happens.

Danny claims that Blinks’ sneer is the most amazing thing he has ever seen. Blinks simply prefers to grin each time he feels playful or cheerful.

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