The story basically develops like a fairy tale after a Golden Retriever falls in love with the dog next door

Nobody anticipates falling in love with the boy next door, but when cautious golden retriever Lily and her neighbor Spencer first met, love immediately blossomed.

In March, Lily and her mother Amber moved into a new home.

One of the first people to meet the arrivals was Spencer.

Despite the wooden fence between his yard from Amber’s, the two dogs got to know each other.

Lily was ecstatic to see another dog on a regular basis because we had never previously lived close to other dogs. Added Amber.

Lily accepted Spencer’s advances, but her parents only regarded it as the beginning of a new friendship.

Amber recalled that Lily would frequently run up to him and give him a few hugs.

When we let her out, ‘the main thing she’ll do is bounce up to the fence to see if Spencer is out,’ Amber said.

She will wait at the gate if Spencer isn’t out. Spencer thought Lily was similarly attractive and even came up with a plan to get closer to his love.

The beautiful times they share together are the only thing that brings the two dogs joy.

Thankfully, Lily’s parents accept her boyfriend’s frequent visits.

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