The small dog was left in an empty building and did not understand why they left him

Dog Amelia couldn’t imagine the owners, whom she adored and who had always been loyal to her, leaving her. When the puppy was just two months old, a neighbor discovered her and informed animal rights activists, which was a huge relief.

She was quickly relocated to a shelter. Then a young lady named Nancy arrived at the refuge. She realized that no shelter could ever replace her permanent home and loving family.

Nancy had just recently said goodbye to her beloved dog Jada. She didn’t believe she could ever be bonded to another animal. She had intended to take Amelia for a short time , but fate had other plans.

Nancy herself became a hero for Amelia, who was having difficulty adjusting to life at a shelter.

And, as you might expect, when the period of fostering was over, the girl did not return her to the shelter since she could no longer picture life without her pet.

Amelia was really lucky to meet such a caring and wonderful owner. Nancy was even luckier to meet her. Amazing story, isn’t it?

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