The shelter cat began hugging a passing stranger, but she was unable to take him home

A married couple made the decision to adopt a cat from a shelter and went there to select a pet. When the girl started walking around, a huge cat drew her attention and followed her around with big eyes.

She wanted to pet the cat, but when the personnel opened the cage, he raced out and leaped into the girl’s arms, nuzzling her muzzle in the collar and refusing to let her go.

I barely spent half a month in a shelter with a cat. The former owners returned him, claiming that he did not get along with the other animals in the family or with the home.

He was given the name Sticky by the girl because of her tendency of clinging to people.

Unfortunately, she was unable to adopt him since she already had a cat at home that would not get along with him.

But she couldn’t help but be concerned about his fate, and she began looking for suitable owners for him.

Sticky, on the other hand, was able to swiftly find a family because of her efforts on social media.

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