The school invites the stray cat and makes it its charm: She cherishes every student in the school

After being taken in by teachers and students, a lost kitten is now living her finest life as a school charm.

The feline has no known family and was discovered loitering on a nearby road.

School’s students immediately adored the kitty and requested assistance in embracing him.

The school allowed the feline to stay at the school once she was deemed healthy and had received all of her vaccines at the local clinic.

Currently, the feline spends her days lounging in the sun and playing with the students during breaks. She is correctly named in class and relaxes in students’ labor areas.

The curious and caring students feed her and take excellent care of her, and she is equally pleased to be there.

With her nearby, the students are now extremely eager to get to school and study. They like to pet her and snuggle with her as they finish their work.

According to the school’s principal, developing a love for animals is critical to students’ education.

Students are even more excited to go to class because of their fluffy friend.

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