The pair, who spent 70 years together, were featured in a viral picture session commemorating their wedding anniversary

And in spite of everything, they continue to value and love one another. Nina is 87 years old and Manuel is 92 years old as of right now.

Just getting a glimpse of these couples gives the impression that their love is boundless.

Manuel and Nina met while they were young. Manuel turned to his lover and proposed marriage, to which she responded ‘yes.’

The stadium in the city was the scene. In the garden, the granddaughter took pictures.

Additionally, Anna chose to take pictures of Manuel in uniform and Nina in a wedding gown because her grandparents didn’t have many pictures of the wedding ceremony.

Mnauel appeared to be in a time machine that was spinning him through pleasant recollections while he put on a military uniform.

It appears as though this couple visited 70 years ago. They exchanged rings on that day, making them legally husband and wife. Happiness, though, was short.

Manuel, who had joined the army, was assigned to go to school.

Young people communicated with one another through writing. But they did not remain apart for very long, thank God.

This strong and devoted family was created out of unending love.

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