The owners left the country house without taking the dog. She wandered off and asked for assistance

There are numerous examples of human irresponsibility. This is precisely what happened to Gesa, a wonderful dog.

She avoided them, and this year’s winters were cold. People wanted to help this doggy.

Typically, after the summer season, many animals went around the area, with their owners failing to take them back with them.

Her condition deteriorated as it became harder to obtain food and water, and the frosts grew stronger, and the doggy would not have gone on for long.

Fortunately, there are a large number of kind people and rescuers around the world who are aware of her plight and have assisted her.

The young man adopted the dog, grew very attached to it, took it to the veterinarian for an examination, and paid for everything himself.

Gesa was very kind and well-mannered, and she kept such a smart and well behaved dog at home, which was a total joy.

She is still living with him, but only for the time being. She has already recovered and is fully prepared to meet her owners, who we are confident will be found very soon.

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