The owner put the pregnant cat out of the house, but the dog next door took her in a booth

Maryona, the cat, used to live in a beautiful city apartment with her adoring owners before accompanying them to the dacha.

The family intended to spend the summer at the dacha, and Maryona enjoyed the dacha’s relaxed atmosphere.

The cat enjoyed walking around various yards, climbing trees, running through the grass, and finding mice.

She made friends as well, particularly with the cat Mora and the neighbor’s dog Ima.

However, as the summer season came to a close, her owners returned to the city, but they did not want to take her with them, so she was left in the country house.

Even though she was well mannered, the new owner did not fall in love with the cat right away and got her out of the house.

Maryona gave birth in November, when it was already cold.

Ima arrived just in time to assist her friend at that point. She turned out to be a remarkably gracious and wonderful dog.

Beautiful Ima kept the cat and the kittens warm in her booth, assisting Maryona in keeping the kittens warm.

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