The hairless dog really needed help, and she was lucky enough to run into the right person one day

On the streets, people had noticed this dog. The woman took her home and started looking for a new place for her right away.

She posted a picture of the dog on Facebook, and Katia, a well-known animal rescuer, saw it.

She took her brand-new doggy home and gave her some rest. ‘Dogs that have been living on the street for a long period need a good night’s sleep first.’

The dog ate well but showed no interest in playing or interacting with humans.

Medications and therapeutic baths, however, worked well. The dog’s skin started to clear up, and fresh hair started to emerge.

After undergoing therapy for a few weeks, the dog started to act happier again.

She seemed and behaved differently. The dog has changed into a cheerful, playful animal, according to her new owner.

The dog has a bright future ahead of her, with companions who will stop at nothing to make her happy.

What a wonderful transformation. Who would have thought it would be possible. What do you think? Let us know in the comment section.

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