The girl literally brought the small white cat back from the other side, and he is now the healthiest pet

White, a stray kitten, was found in a bad state on the side of the road. There was no time to waste because the cat was quite thin. Raquel, a young girl, discovered the baby and brought him to the shelter, promising him to cure him.

However, the shelter was full, and the therapy would have been costly, and the shelter did not have that type of money. Raquel felt she couldn’t leave this kitty and began nursing him.

She took him to a veterinary facility, where he started procedures. Despite the veterinarian’s lack of faith, the girl did everything she could to rescue him, and the cat was returned to Raquel the following week.

White now lives in a cozy and pleasant apartment with all he needs. He is now perfectly healthy and has developed into an energetic and happy cat, and all of the challenges are behind him.

This was because of the love and care with which this kitty was surrounded.

Thank you to the girl for being a hero for this really beautiful and adorable kitty.

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