The ginger cat had given up hope and sought assistance from strangers

A ginger cat came on the doorstep of one of the private residences, seemingly unwilling to leave.

The owners were taken aback by this, but when they approached the kitty, they saw why he was acting so strangely.

His front paws were in a bad shape and the cat was unable to move normally.

He wasn’t feeling well, so the house owners took him to an animal shelter.

The beautiful feline had issues with every step, according to the veterinarian.

The vets made a correct diagnosis after passing all of the tests. It was a rare condition that caused softening and swelling of the pads of the paws, followed by the formation of sores that rubbed and caused discomfort.

The cat required therapy on a daily basis, and the cat stood firm throughout. The kitty was healthy in just a few weeks, and the volunteers began looking for loving homes for him.

He found a new owner two months later, with whom he now lives happily and comfortably.

Hopefully the kitty will never have to face any kind of issue.

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