The fire put the doggy in a bad state, so the veterinarian climbed inside her kennel to comfort her

The video caught a heartwarming moment when the veterinarian consoled the dog just when she needed it most.

Takia, a cute 7-year-old dog, was caught in the center of a fire.

When they got to the veterinary clinic, Ema Martin, the clinic’s veterinarian, understood they had to move swiftly to help the dog, and they did so. Takia, on the other hand, had to return to the clinic multiple times before finally recovering.

Ema was completely in love with the puppy whose life she had just rescued, and they formed an instantaneous bond! Takia’s family consented to keep him in the clinic because he took so long to recover.

However, because the vet was closing for the night and Ema knew it would be tough for Takia to be there alone, the caring veterinarian decided to take Takia home for the night.

Ema had to babysit Takia all night, so she was tired when she returned to work the next day.

During the break, she simply went into Takia’s kennel, sat next to him, and slept.

And just then, her colleague was able to take these incredibly touching shots.

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