The family refuses to pay $20 for the lost dog, claiming that she is ‘not worth it’

Tika, a blind dog, was found in a Los Angeles back alley, plainly distressed by the experience of street life. He was saved by a dog rescue group, which was also able to track down his owners.

Although the owners consented to return it, they were irritated by the $20 return fee.

The owners of Tika bluntly refused to pay the minimal sum, claiming that the dog was ‘not worth it.’ Tika was heartbroken since his loved ones had left him.

Tika was even more disappointed when no one wanted to adopt her blind dog. Tika was initially taken in by the director of the shelter. He was cared after by a local woman named Haidi after recuperating for several months.

Tika was an unexpected find for Haidi.

She was hesitant to permanently adopt the blind dog, but she soon found Tika was much like her other dogs, mischievous and full of life.

Tika is now content in his permanent home, where he is surrounded by devoted people and canine siblings. People frequently miss the fact that dogs have a superb all-around sense of smell, and that blindness has no effect on their ability to smell.

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