The dog was discovered in the yard beneath the balcony by a couple who had no idea it would become their pet

Danny was standing on the balcony with his girlfriend, talking about his job, when he suddenly looked down and saw a little dog on the lawn.

At first, he assumed the doggy was with her owner and then rested on the grass, but upon closer inspection, they noticed that there were no other people nearby and hurried down with a washing basket to help the doggy.

They also brought a slice of turkey and water for the dog, but she refused to drink for some reason. The couple then went out and bought flea shampoo for their dog. The dog was not pleased with the bathing.

All of her accessories were purchased on the same day. They took her to the vet, who diagnosed her with a condition. To live on the streets, the pet ate anything, including plastic bags, it turned out.

The treatment was costly, but they, who had no intention of owning a pet, much less treating him, decided they couldn’t leave him in such a situation.

Fortunately, she recovered and is now permanently living with them.

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