The dog expressed her thanks to the girl who had once rescued her

Cherry is a four-year-old puppy that because of the owners, never understood what love and care are.

He was not allowed to go home by his owners, who subsequently left him in the parking lot of one of the large supermarkets.

Cherry made friends with people who had also been left on the street.

The rescue team attempted to return the pets to their owners, but this proved useless.

But fortune smiled on him, and the animal rescue organization rescued all of the doggies.

Volunteers arrived and took the dogs, after which they decided to begin looking for permanent owners.

Take a look at how tenderly Cherry greets his hero, thanking her for rescuing her.

According to the volunteers, the dog is incredibly loving and friendly, and enjoys people’s company.

Cherry will be moving to New Jersey soon, we’re sure.

Because such a delightful puppy requires his own home, the shelter staff will work quickly to locate him a permanent family.

Both Cherry and his owner were lucky to find each other. Hopefully, they will always be together , giving each other the love they deserve.

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