The cutest mother cat and her kittens can be seen wandering into people’s garages through a doorbell camera

On Friday evening, it all began. When Jeffrey went to clean his motorcycle in the garage. As he got closer to the automobile, he realized that someone was hiding behind it. It turned out to be a mother cat with two kittens.

The guy concluded that keeping the family on the chilly garage floor, close to tools that may harm curious kittens, was unacceptable. He decided to relocate the family to the house’s bathroom, which is warm and inviting.

He was almost through with his preparations when two more kittens emerged out of nowhere. The man gathered his entire family in the bathroom.

The doorbell camera that was put over his porch assisted in the search for a clue. The camera footage revealed that the cat first assessed the situation and determined that his garage was an ideal location for hiding the kittens.

She then moved them one by one until all four were hidden beneath the motorcycle.

However, the state had been hit by a severe storm the day before, and the cat was lucky to have survived the storm. And the terrified cat chose to seek for a more secure haven.

Jeffrey was completely unaware that he had an invader for two days, but he is grateful that the cat selected his garage as a safe haven. She is always welcome, and she may feel secure there.

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