The couple noticed as the bag was thrown out by a stranger. They had found a long-lost friend in her

It was a gorgeous May day, and a young couple was out riding their bikes on a desolate road when they observed a car slowing down just off to the side of the road.

However, no one got out; instead, a tiny bag was thrown out and the car drove away.

The pair rode their bicycles to the bag, but they couldn’t imagine what, or rather who, they could find inside; yet, they chose to look inside.

When they approached, they were astounded to see a small and very cute puppy in the bag, who was quite charming and rushed up to meet them cheerfully and unfazed.

When they examined him more closely, they discovered that he was in good health. They planned to take him to a shelter at first, but he was so adorable that they decided to keep him at home.

Lorez was the name they gave the kitty. A family, love, and care were found for an unloved puppy.

And its new owners couldn’t believe that the kitty would have been in such a situation.

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