The cat even goes to the shower with his owner to show his appreciation

The woman took in an unusual cat who, by all accounts, should not have lasted.

But she rescued him from the shelter, and now the thankful gray cat is so grateful to his rescuer that he refuses to leave her.

The former owners of Belli, a cat with the amusing nickname Belli, had to leave him in a shelter after the landlord refused to rent out the property with the pets.

The shelter staff had their doubts about finding this purr a home, but they didn’t give up hope. With a quirky face and a rich, very gorgeous tail, the cat is really sociable.

But then Rachella came across his photo, who had traveled from out of town to adopt this adorable kitty.

She admitted that she fell in love with him the moment she saw him and knew she wanted to adopt him.

And now the kitty accompanies his beloved owner everywhere, even into the shower, and she never has the chance to be alone, without a cat.

Rachella, on the other hand, does not complain because the cat is exceedingly happy.

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