The cat brought the owner mice and lizards, but the owner refused her gifts

Cats frequently adore their owners so much that they try to please them in every way possible, bringing them some rather unexpected ‘gifts’ and failing to understand why they are rejected.

That’s exactly what happened to Sam.

The man awoke to find strange pets on his pillow in the form of lizards, mice, or birds; these were the walks of his cat Edna.

The gifts were unique, but the owner was not pleased, much to the cat’s surprise.

To please the pet, the young man began to play with the leaf that the cat had also brought home.

After that, the cat’s perspective on gifts changed, and after a walk, he brings the owner the most beautiful, in his opinion, leaves.

By the way, Edna was given to Sam by a girl, and at first he was unhappy with the gift and insisted on returning the cat.

But he changed his mind the next day. And when he broke up with his girlfriend, he had no intention of returning his favorite.

Animals do know how to make us happy no matter what happens.

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