The capybara that was brought to the rescue adopts babies and develops a special bond with each animal since he is so amiable

Cupcake the capybara adores all animals, whether they are puppies, hens, ducks, or ponies.

Spreading love is what a capybara by the name of Cupcake does best.

Cupcake makes friends with all the various animals who arrive at the shelter. She enjoys playing with other people and even giving them comforting hugs.

As a young child, Cupcake entered the sanctuary. She spent both her free time and her rest with the pets.

The dogs warmed up to Cupcake right away, and she reciprocated by treating everyone the same way the dogs had treated her: with love and acceptance.

She simply performed a fantastic job as an adoptive mother. At the refuge, Cupcake would show her affection and concern for various species of animals.

The older dogs there now consider the capybara to be their best friend. There, however, was just Cupcake the capybara.

Until 2014, when a new male capybara came. To have a guy like him made Cupcake incredibly happy.

It’s great that she has another capybara because they are social creatures and like to live in huge groups in the wild, added Wolf.

On the farm, Cupcake still has time for everyone.

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