The camera filmed a woman giving her scarf to a sleeping stray dog

This woman had no idea that someone was looking at her, but she was mistaken… Outside the café, a surveillance camera filmed the moment a nice woman lends her scarf to a stray dog.

She spots a stray dog curled up under the canopy in front of the cafe, where she couldn’t find any other hiding place.

Rather than just passing by like the others, the lady gave the dog something that made her life a bit easier.

She couldn’t possibly leave without doing something. We hope she set a positive example for others who may pass by when our little friends are in such a situation.

Despite the fact that this act of generosity lasted less than a minute, it did not go forgotten or unmarked, and the woman was quickly identified. Mina is her name, and she did not expect the amount of appreciation she earned on the internet, and she did it far from that.

‘I never expected that my acts would draw such attention,’ she said in an interview. This has taken me by surprise. It was quite cold outside. When I watched him sleeping, I couldn’t take it anymore.’

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