The big doggy asks for a morning cuddle from his mother, insisting that despite his weight, he is still a companion

Kerel is a large dog with a huge heart. This adorable Great Dane is pure love. His favorite activity is hugging his mother.

Before starting their day, Kerel and his mother like sharing a hug. It’s a cute aspect of what they do every morning.

Kerel didn’t let go even after his mother must have forgotten due to the hurry they must have been in one morning.

So because we were hurrying this morning, I didn’t offer him his morning embrace. This large doggy definitely knows his size.

He probably feels like a little dog in truth.

He goes around whenever he wants to and constantly begs his mother for cuddles. He can sense my energy. He’s going to imitate everything I do.

‘If I’m absolutely quiet, he doesn’t make a sound. ‘If I move and dance and dance, he’ll start dancing.

Kerel’s mother claims that the dog’s main skill is his ability to just make everyone happy.

It is really true that big dogs have the kindest hearts. What an adorable doggy. Would you like to have such a big, yet nice dog?

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