The adorable baby doggy can’t stop wagging his tail because he’s so pleased to be out of the shelter

This doggy was left at Shelter. It didn’t take long for the personnel at the shelter to recognize that she was different. The small puppy was always smiling and wagging his tail continuously.

Given Matilda’s start in life, it’s remarkable to see such joy and friendliness in a dog. She was like a stray dog for the first two months.

Matilda, the small doggy, was adored by all.

The shelter shared a video of her, and netizens were enamored with her as well. The only time her tail stopped wagging was when she was put in the collar. However, the dog did not appreciate it, and they were able to take it off of her.

Matilda enjoys her life in her temporary home, despite her dislike for collars.

She enjoys taking naps with her new buddies, as well as playing with her toys and the pets that live there.

She even made friends with several of her new neighbors. And we hope that this charming, gentle, gregarious, and friendly dog finds a permanent home soon, as she so richly deserves.

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