The 6 months old baby shines with delight as he is surrounded by extra fluffy doggies

Leo, a half-year-oldsix months old baby, consistently poses with hairy doggies resembling a golden retriever crossed with a poodle.

Mother Jessie even has 700,000 Instagram followers dedicated to the dogs and the child.

Jessie is also the mother of two other golden doodles from the same litter, Charles and Sheea, who are only one year old.

Her son, Leo, has an incredible bond with small dogs and enjoys playing with them.

‘It’s amazing to see Leo’s relationship with canines develop; soon, Leo will offer them treats,’ Jessie said.

Leo has truly begun petting and searching for them over the last month, and has become more aware of their presence, which has been fascinating to watch.

Followers joked that if Leo sees the photos, he’ll think he’s a dog as well!

He is an extremely sure and lightening up kid; obviously, some of it is simply hereditary qualities and sweet characteristic characteristics.

However the mother believes it was canines that influenced her way of behaving.’

My main reason for the account is to loosen up certain considerations and share photographs of his family’s day by day routine, particularly the blissful existence of indivisible companions.

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