So huge and so considerate. Little kittens were cared for by a large Great Dane

Meet Coby, a Great Dane who weighs in at about 80 kilograms.

Many people stay away from him because of his enormous size, but the owners assure that there is no creature more tender and compassionate than their pet.

As a result, Coby has volunteered to assist her owner in caring for the kittens for several years.

The kittens’ weight normally does not surpass 300 grams, yet the giant Coby did not think twice about upsetting any of them.

The Great Dane’s owner, Samule, claims that his dog enjoys playing with other animals if they are not intimidated.

He simply welcomes the addition of new pets to the household and assists his owner in any way he can.

Samule and her husband initially restricted the dog from approaching the kittens. Besides, even if Coby didn’t intend to upset them, his clumsiness could cause them uneasiness for sure.

The dog, on the other hand, quickly transformed into an exceptionally loving and attentive protector, behaving very attentively with the tiny kittens, who, in turn, are not intimidated by him and regard him as their mother.

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