Since being adopted from a shelter, this adorable pit bull hasn’t stopped smiling.

Humans complicate life far more than it needs to. This is the purpose of dogs.

One day while browsing Facebook, Lalisa came across Chuck’s picture and was instantly charmed by his gorgeous smile.

Lalisa asked to adopt him because he was living in a shelter for animals.

Every single day of her existence, she longed to see his smiling face.

His face was so expressive that it resembled a cartoon character, and she said, ‘Oh my gosh, I’ve got to have this dog.’

‘He’s just a great dog. Simply put, it is difficult to dislike him, she claims.

Chuck and Jonah, Lalisa’s husband, have developed a very close relationship.

Chuck immediately won Jonah’s heart after they first met.

It’s difficult not to. But Lalisa occasionally feels like the third wheel because of how much they love one another.

Dad adores him because of his enormous, pure heart. It’s a little thing we call everlasting love.

‘Something about Chuck’s appearance makes him seem so hospitable and welcoming.

And I’ve heard it really makes a difference, Lalisa says, when people remark, ‘Oh, I don’t know about pit bulls.’

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