She had no clue when she adopted this cat in 1990 that she would be celebrating his birthday thirty one years later

Meet Rubba, ‘the world’s oldest cat!’ Rubba is a gorgeous British kitty that is 31 years old.

Michaela, his owner, was given a ginger-and-white cat as a birthday present to herself when she was found right by the side of the road in May 1990.

It was without a doubt one of the most thoughtful gifts she had ever received.

Michaela has had a wonderful friendship with the cat for many years, and she claims he is very affectionate and dedicated.

He lived a long life because he was adored and treated ‘like a child,’ she says. The cat is generally healthy. Her personal veterinarian ensures that she is healthy and stable.

She also doesn’t want there to be a lot of commotion around Rubba, and she plans to let the cat live out his days.

And we believe that this is a commendable answer from a hostess who genuinely cares about her pet and is not out to get money or fame at his expense.

What a nice fiendship between the two. Hopefully the kitty will live many more years happily.

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