Rescue dog and cat become close friends and go on a joint trip

Traveling alone is enjoyable, but traveling with friends is even more so, isn’t it?

If you enjoy traveling with animals, dogs and cats can make excellent travel companions. The fun will be multiplied when you’re accompanied by both a cat and a dog.

Gendry and Bikey are a fun-loving couple who make their guests’ visits more enjoyable.

Gendry and Bikey will prove you wrong if you don’t believe in dog and cat companionship. These devoted buddies looked destined to be together by fate.

The lovely four-legged hikers have been traveling with their owners for several years, and each of their fascinating and unforgettable adventures.

Bikey assists Gendry, and Gendry allows Bikey to sit on his back and even climb atop his head, where he enjoys resting on long journeys.

The two pals enjoy doing everything together, and photos of their friendship are sure to warm the hearts of animal lovers.

Fortunately, Gendry and Bikey’s owner is a talented photographer, so even if we don’t get to see their amazing travels in person, we can still admire their stunning images on Instagram.

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