Pitbull rescued from the streets sleeps with her new guinea pig siblings

Mokia, a pit bull puppy of two years old, was discovered on the street. Her owner encountered a challenging position and was made to live on the streets.

Mokia turned into a stray dog when he was no longer able to care for a pet.

But the pit bull’s good fortune continued as Krista Gamayo, 44, took notice of her in the San Francisco city shelter where she was placed after being apprehended.

Freya and Pano are two of Krista’s guinea pigs.

As Krista held the guinea pigs on her lap, the dog first smelled them through the cage’s bars before getting to know them better.

The owner would place the guinea pigs on the couch and let Mokia to stroke their plush fur for a number of months.

After realizing everything was well, the woman let the rats loose on the floor. After 30 minutes, she saw Freya and Pano dozing in Mokia’s arms.

The two new buddies and the rescued doggy have been best friends ever since.

The employees at the shelter started to discourage Krista from getting the dog after learning that she kept guinea pigs at her home. But luckily everything went well.

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