On Instagram, a big-eyed cat that always appears afraid has gained popularity

Because of his eyes, this cat constantly appears scared. His owner saw him at the shelter two years ago and couldn’t leave him alone.

She, like many other pet owners, enjoys posting pet images on social media. And each time, her post garners extraordinary user attention.

The owner even made an Instagram account for the animal.

The odd cat already has about 70 thousand fans who keep up with his every move. His admirers never weary of lavishing him with flattery.

The pet has become an inspiration and a source of pleasant feelings for many people.

One of the followers recently stated that the animal helped him cope with depression. However, according to his owner, the cat’s unique look raises some concerns.

Many people are concerned about the pet’s health, thinking that he has a variety of genetic problems. She is powerless to respond. Aside from a peculiar expression of astonishment, the cat is identical to his relatives.

He is a kind, loving, and sluggish cat.

The pet craves attention and receives it in spades — especially during walks in the fresh air, when those who catch his focus on themselves are unable to pass by.

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