On his final journey, the dog gave a heartfelt farewell to his close companion

Although Pepper and Jaari appeared to be complete opposites, they were great friends.

Jari refused to acknowledge her sorrow when she said goodbye to Peppy last month. Tona, Peppy’s owner, adopted Jaari when he was 8 years old.

Even though Peppy was already old when she met Jaari they quickly became friends.

Eventually, they began to play. It was hilarious because Jaari now acts like a chihuahua when she interacts with large dogs.

Jaari has always looked up to her younger older brother, and the two friends have spent many happy years together. Peppy’s health began to deteriorate as he grew older. Jaari seemed to know when Peppy wasn’t feeling well and did everything she could to help.

Peppy’s condition began to deteriorate in the last month of his life. Peppy got up from his bed and strolled to the final spot under the tree.

He appeared to be announcing his readiness to his family.

Jaari has spent five years with her best buddy, and when she misses him, she knows she only needs to walk to the tree to be near him once more.

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