Nada The dog with the big heart rescued three kittens that had been left beside the trash can

Nada has the most kind heart of anyone I’ve ever met, as she took in three kittens and saved their lives. The dog was looking for food in the garbage can when he came across three little kittens that had presumably been put there.

Nada used to have pups but then her pups vanished while she was seeking for food. Because she was still feeding, the kittens sniffed milk and came out to her, ready to provide nourishment and warmth.

The dog’s maternal instinct had nowhere to go, and she was relieved that she could care for them. Summer was simpler for Nada, but by winter, hard times had set in, and on top of everything else, she needed a place to stay warm.

However, at that time, the kittens had grown up and were assisting in the search for food. They were washed and raised by Nada.

Fortunately, by the winter, a gentle guy who lived alone arrived in the area and grew very connected to this family.

They now reside at his home, although simply, but with a roof over their heads and food.

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