Mother dog rushed to assist rescuers in rescuing her puppies that were stuck in an old house

Nothing is more essential to a mother than the safety of her babies, whether human or not.

Several rescuers raced to their aid when the largest street animal rescue center in India received word that a mother dog and her puppies were at a risk.

When they arrived, they discovered the mother dog. After the rain, the old house was covered with water and the puppies were stuck there.

The rescuers thought everything was over.

The mother dog, on the other hand, must have heard or sensed her puppies’ presence according to her maternal instincts.

Rescuers immediately began to search for the puppies. The most amazing and emotional part of this story is that the mother did everything she could to help them by using her paws.

Fortunately, the puppies were found and rescued. They took them and handed them over to their mother. They relocated the entire family to a secure location near the old residence.

The mother dog was happy to finally see her offspring. A mother is always a mother, whether it is to animals or to humans.

Thank you so much to these kind people for assisting this lovely mother and her puppies.

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