Meet the rain frogs : They are the complaining frogs in the world

The first question that could come to your mind after taking a glance at these frogs is, ‘What made these creatures so upset?’

However, those black rain frogs are simply how they appear. These frogs live on the southern coast. They have tunnel homes that are six inches deep.

The African rain frog is special because, despite its tiny stature, it can expand to a maximum length of two inches.

These frogs are part of a species that lives near the edge of the forest and caves. Because of this, they can live without being near any open water.

The female rain frog secretes a sticky material during coupling season to keep the male from leaping off her back.

Sticky amplexus is the term for this phenomenon. This demonstrates how the female rain frog is holding on tight to the male.

I suppose that’s what it means to be loyal in these times. The male remains in the cave after the female has hatched there to protect the eggs until the young African rain frogs hatch.

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