Meet the ginger seal that became an outcast in his colony due to his peculiar appearance

In Russia, an extremely unusual species with red fur was discovered.

Biologists were drawn to him because of his uncommon look. However, the scenario is highly unusual and may necessitate the assistance of others.

Although the animal turned out to be a newborn seal, its colouring seemed odd. His fins are pink, his hair is red, and his eyes are blue. According to scientists, this red seal is a half albino.

Unfortunately, as is common in the animal realm, people with odd looks are frequently rejected by their own species, therefore there is a chance that this youngster may be abandoned.

The first traces of such an attitude, according to reports, are already present.

Biologists will be obliged to interfere if this happens. The animal appears to be well-fed and active on the outside.

This indicates that he had sufficient milk from his mother. So far, no one is pursuing him, but other seals’ attitudes toward him are unfavorable, which is concerning.

Furthermore, the seal pup has poor vision and may not be able to reproduce.

If the situation plays out like the «ugly duckling,» zoologists are prepared to take it to the dolphinarium.

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