Meet the beautiful dentist puppy that makes clients look forward to their appointments

This dog frequently visits the dental office with his mom.

While the dentist performs medical treatments, it is his responsibility to keep the patient quiet and help him.

The canine was initially trained as a therapy dog before being moved for additional training to a dental office.

The dog, according to his trainer, was born to do this job. A good and helpful dog loves people and is always eager to help them.

He likes what he does at the clinic. He keeps a cool head, truly understands his patients, and is always there for them during trying moments.

According to the clients, attitudes around seeing the dentist started to change.

His serenity, assurance, and subtle aid make people more at ease.

A typical workday for the dog starts with him grinning broadly as he welcomes a client.

Throughout the procedure, the dog stays with the person and, if he starts to get antsy, ‘holds’ his hand or even lies down on the couch next to him.

When they see the dog at the doctor’s office, the young patients quickly start to smile, and the operations that once caused panic turn into a fun game.

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