Meet Baby, a ten-year-old cat that adores cuddling and sleeping with her favorite companion, a cat-shaped decorative rock

Many of us have probably heard stories about great feline friendships, or friendships between different animals. But, because these are animals, all of this is more or less understood.

But this one-of-a-kind cat made friends with someone, or more accurately, something else.

The story revolves around a cat named Baby.

The cat is of a respectable age, just over ten years old, and the owners have never noticed anything out of the ordinary about her.

It was the most frequent cat — she ate, slept, and occasionally came to be caressed. Her only distinguishing feature from other cats is its absence of a tail. But, of course, this had no bearing on her personality.

The proprietors of Baby decided to «refine» and improve their garden one day. They bought a garden statue in the shape of a cat, among other things.

As a result, the cat has nearly never left this statue and spends days with it (and sometimes on it).

It’s unclear what prompted such a weird bond, but it has a place in the world.

Baby sits next to the statue a lot and occasionally meows, as if she’s telling her stone pal something.

She also enjoys napping there, snuggled up against the statue. All of this is odd, given that the owners never neglected their Baby. Perhaps this was too little for her, and she desired a companion.

Although this «relationship» is weird, the important thing is that Baby is content, which implies that nothing should be changed, especially since the owners have become accustomed to their favorite’s strange conduct, which initially alarmed them.

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