Man builds a special boat to take his pets on little adventures

Dave, a retired surgeon, has always enjoyed traveling with his dogs and kayaking. And then one day he discovered the ideal technique to mix the two. The man constructed a boat specifically for dogs.

‘Our pets have always enjoyed traveling in vehicles and boats with us.

‘It wasn’t hard to give them that opportunity, and boats are fun to build anyhow,’ Dave explains.

When Dave discovered that one of his dogs fit comfortably into the cargo compartment of a kayak he had made earlier, he got the idea.

To keep water out, he installed special fasteners.

Dave was able to do what he loves with his companions thanks to his innovation, which was great for dogs, and the delighted canines received the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to ride in a kayak, which they thoroughly enjoyed.

‘They appear to be having a great time.’ Even when we just take out the boats, they are happy. ‘They take their seats, and we’re off,’ Dave explains.

The dog kayak was afterwards passed on to a new generation. ‘Now my wife goes on boat outings with our new golden retriever,’ Dave explains.

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