Laborers work together to save a puppy that got in a water system channel

A group of construction workers are being hailed as legends after their quick reasoning saves an unfortunate doggy.

The men worked together and used a digging tool to save the dog after it fell into a water system waterway.

The group was alerted by radio that a dog had recently fallen into the channel and was making its way towards them through the rapids.

They dashed to save the defenseless canine without even batting an eye.

One of the workers jumped into the tractor’s pail while his colleague lowered it until he could reach the canine.

The rest of the group then transported them both back to a safe location!

‘We chose to catch a can to save the canine,’ the specialists said. ‘Express gratitude to God; we had the option to obtain it; we had the option to give the creature one more chance to live.’

Due to these brave men, the doggy was saved and given a second chance.

However, the manufacturers didn’t just save the dog; they also raised enough money to take her to a vet and have her treated!

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