Kitty asks people to aid her and not be indifferent after giving birth to kittens in hot weather

From social media, the animal rights volunteers were informed about the pregnant kitty that was in a bad shape because of hot weather and asked every passerby to give her at least some water.

Her narrative was published in a thematic group by volunteers, with the promise that she would look after her health.

However, time passed, and the kitty became stray.

The kitty had already had kittens the day before, according to the same animal rights activist who the volunteer never contacted.

She gave birth just alongside the road. People simply strolled past the animal without even attempting to assist her.

She gave birth to five kittens, but one has already been claimed by the youngsters. Despite this, she was sent to a neighboring city because her city lacked a shelter with regular circumstances.

They began treating her right away because the young mother’s condition was not good. But luckily she recovered. The shelter staff is now trying to figure out a way to keep both the cat and the kittens. Fortunately, the story has a good ending and they are safe.

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