Kittens were left because of their appearance. However, it was discovered that they are genuine Maine Coons

The locals have long come to expect that if a cardboard box shows up in their yard, kittens will surely be there.

This also occurred in this instance, when the kittens were in a small box.

The kittens were moved to the vet and medication was also administered at the same time.

These kittens grew too quickly when compared to other cats.

At three months, the ears’ tassels were already very fluffy, the muzzles took on an even longer shape, and the paws developed into rather strong, dense pads, which suggested future giants rather than merely adorable kittens.

A female breeder who specializes in breeding Maine Coons received photos of the kittens and confirmed their identification as purebred Maine Coons.

Additionally, it turned out that a breeder who had let them out of the club resided in this region.

The breeder treated the kittens like a live commodity that would not benefit from her actions, and she likely kept their mother only to breed the cubs because this made a lot of money for the owner.

The breeder assisted in helping them get a home.

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