Instead of asking for gifts, an eight year girl gives a big amount of food to the animals at the shelter

This 8-year-old girl demonstrated her big heart when she stated that she wanted nothing more than to rescue animals in distress.

While many youngsters were anticipating toys and other gifts, she was preoccupied with how she might aid the animals.

She accomplished something that many of her classmates could only dream of.

She asked for money as a gift and utilized the money received to purchase pet food at the Animal Shelter. What a sweet little child!

She originally came to the shelter in 2016 in search of a new family member.

She did, however, have a soft spot for all the surviving creatures that did not have a warm place to call home. She felt terrible for them and simply wanted to give them better days.

Despite the passage of time, she has never forgotten the poor creatures in need of a home. Her quest to instill in animals a Christmas joy and a belief in miracles is priceless.

On Christmas Day, this young girl with a large heart shines a light with her small gestures that have the greatest influence on the shelter animals.

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