In the basement of an empty house, a cleaning lady discovers a mother cat with four kittens

A kind woman hired to clean the house couldn’t believe her eyes as she entered the basement. She discovered her cat and children in the laundry basket with no food or water in the house.

Because the house was closed, no one knew how long the cat family had been there.

The finding got to work, knowing that the cat needed assistance and a safe area to raise the litter.

Before laying down to feed her demanding four, the tabby cat ate everything she could fit in her stomach.

Her kittens were all in good condition, clean, and healthy, showing that their mother looked after them well.

Volunteers quickly came to their rescue after the finder turned to her local shelter when she found them.

Red-haired female cats are extremely unusual in nature, and this was one of them.

They are energetic and curious about everything around them, and their naughty nature keeps their mother on her toes.

Ruby is a good mother who carefully attends to all of their needs. They will be distributed to their households when they reach adulthood.

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