In recent times, a shelter stepped in to aid a group of cats in a family house outside of Quebec since the family could no longer care for them

Kittens find treatment before it’s too late and stay close to one other.

When the rescue facility realized that four additional little kittens in the same family required assistance, they reacted right away.

Two volunteers, Malia and Lily, arrived at the site after learning about the kittens’ situation.

After an hour and a half of traveling, they were able to transport the four kittens to a secure location where they could be cared for.

As soon as the family declared their intention to keep the adult cats, the rescue center offered to help.

The kittens cuddled while traveling to their brand-new residence. For further ‘protection,’ Little Britt placed herself in between her elder brothers.

After visiting a doctor, they went to be with their foster family. The kittens were washed by volunteer foster parents, who also started the nursing process.

Soon after making themselves at home in their foster home, the four cats began to come out of their shell.

Toddlers adore to sit on warm laps or cuddle up in their adoptive mother’s arms. They prefer to collaborate on everything.

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