In just a year, this young couple was able to lose nearly 100 kilograms: Take a look at them right now

Love has become a reason to consider health for Bob and Daniela. Both had excess weight.

They accepted it for the time being. They loved each other so much that nothing stopped them from starting a life of their own.

Until Bob received a diagnosis, it appeared that nothing could stand in their way.

Additionally, the extra weight was the reason for this. The couple ran the chance of not finding happiness when they were very young.

Additionally, they desired children. The girl lost 53 kilograms in a year, while her partner lost 36.

Daniela retains her pleasant roundness and sparkle, but she is now able to live a full life.

In order to achieve the ideal, they did not work themselves with diets. The couple decided to proceed slowly to the destination.

Although the number of servings was increased, their previous menu remained substantial. Change was based on regularity.

Not just a few weeks of special diet, but a healthy lifestyle for many years. Of course, there was a list of products that weren’t allowed, but they found a way to make up for it.

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