In an emotional reunion, an eight-year-lost dog recognizes his owner right away

It all started when this man entered the house and left his two dogs outside.

The man searched all night and learned from his neighbors that the dogs had gone into a sheep meadow owned by a farmer friend of his.

The man’s family has been looking for a pet for months, posting fliers and offering a reward for any information about the dog, but to no avail.

His possibility of locating the dog faded with each passing day.

Eight years after his dog vanished, the man received a phone call informing him that they had found a dog that looked exactly like his lost dog.

The man immediately left. He drove for four hours, hoping to find his misplaced friend. His long journey had not been in vain — it was he, his beloved dog!

The dog approached the man and began licking his face as if they had never been apart for eight years.

During the first night, the dog slept close to the owner, refusing to leave him even for a second. It will take a long time for him to fully recover.

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