Grandma receives the most charming gift from her grandson despite being told she was «too old» for a puppy

Grandma Alina is 76 years old, and her grandfather is even older. They have been dog owners their entire lives.

The woman struggled to make the decision to welcome a new animal buddy before she did.

Every shelter to which Alina’s Grandma applied rejected her, claiming that she was too old to take care of a young dog. Grandma was in disbelief.

The youngster persisted in her search, and it’s fortunate that she didn’t give up because her efforts were successful.

She discovered a puppy! She came across a post from a man looking for a loving home for his cat while scrolling through her social network.

When the owner of the dog learned that an elderly couple wanted a dog, he consented right away.

Grandpa went to get a new family member with the girl’s father. The elderly woman exclaimed with delight, as if she were a kid.

Others thought the girl’s grandparents wouldn’t be good puppy parents because of their age, but she said the dog could not be in a more loving household. Cute right? What do you think?

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