For three months, villagers sought to catch a dog whose head and neck was entangled in a piece of pipe

This black dog with its head and neck entangled in a sewer line took the villagers three months to catch.

They had to enlist the assistance of volunteers, but when the dog saw them, it bolted, as it did to everyone else.

The dog became hungry and came up to feed, and the camera next to the bowl captured the pipe being bent, implying that the dog’s neck was twisted, and no one knew why she had gotten herself into such a state.

She was unable to protect herself, breathe, or eat, and her condition rapidly deteriorated. Thanks to kind rescuers the dog was taken to the vet.

The tube could not be pulled out since her neck was enlarged, so it had to be carefully removed.

She had to go through a lot, but thankfully, she is now in good hands; they look after her and attempt to restore her confidence in humanity, and they will be placed in a permanent family following therapy.

Luckily the story has a good ending and the adorable doggy is in a good state at the moment.

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